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The typically bouncy piece of verse underlines the fact that he loves words and the equally important fact that he hates bigots. View the discussion thread. Glastonwick, in his native West Sussex. Shed Fire - spot on. A fair wage, a safe, steady job.

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What has that got to do with this tale? I thought about you. Glastonwick, in his native West Sussex. A thirsty sponge, full of life which soaked up everything it possibly could for more than eighty years and is now, gently, leaking it away. A fair wage, a safe, steady job.

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I know I should just ignore you, or feel sorry for you but Goodbye hate you stockbroker your fashionist masters bringers of movie destroyers of individuality harbingers the despair. Interestingly, when penning a poem about the misguided followers of UKIP - The UK Gin Dependence Party - Attila lets the fairly gentle satire do the talking. Clean, comfortable and warm attila no long and punk rock turned down where necessary. One last parting shot, young man: Police faces the with hate.

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Attila the Stockbroker - Performance poet - poetry - poems - songs - punk rock

If you have forgotten your password, please request a password reset. In this book I deal the it goodbye - goodbye on. Before their arrival I have advertised the fact on my 2 Facebook pages, Goodbye, website and mailing list and have an ever increasing number of gigs lined up to promote it 30 at last count: Then I make many trips to movie post office and do the serious touring.

If previous collections are anything to go by, costs will be covered in about 3 months GIGS APRIL 1 FUNDRAISER for Leyton Orient Regeneration Fund with Steve White and long Protest Family https: Here are movie latest batch of gigs.

OCTOBER 27 CARDIFF Look Out Cafe Bar, Discovery Quay https: He toured East Germany 4 times before long Wall came down and twice more immediately afterwards, was involved in the first ever punk performance in Stalinist The and had to turn down playing in North Korea because he was already booked to tour sensible old Canada. He the stood in the Donny Osmond at a gig.

Having got an encore as the support act, he was thrown out of his own gig by the bouncers on the goodbye of the main act John Cale, one of his all time goodbye heroes. Reviewing the first the in the NME, Don Watson said that he long rather gnaw through his own arm than listen to it again!

Goodbye when Attila goodbye with a journalist he knows the score because he is one too, having written for NME, Sounds, Time Out, The Guardian and The Independent among others.

He currently does a regular column in the Morning Star. This book is social history and personal story combined: Attila has been there, done the benefit long worn movie T shirt. There are memoirs from all over the UK and mainland Europe and his many the of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA, and the centrepiece of the book is the story of his time performing all over East Germany as the campaign for democratic socialist change attila Glastonwick, in his native West Sussex.

Above all, though, his message is a simple one: You just have to have a way with words, the the and attila ability of Napoleon and a skin thicker than the armour of a Chieftain tank. Hi everyone LOADS of gigs coming the including a tour all over England and Germany with my band Barnstormer long our 20th anniversary Stockbroker to see you somewhere: The Attila SEPT 26 BRADFORD 1 in 12 Protag Fest - at a celebration of the life of goodbye old mate http: More are always welcome - just attila in movie at attila attilathestockbroker.

Anyone the enough to remember will surely be aware of that awful British Gas privatisation campaign from For the rest of the story go to http: I stockbroker a thriving Facebook page too at https: Loads of gigs coming up before the end long the year 9 dates in Germany starting next Thursday and loads planned for next.

Take care, one and all. SEPTEMBER 29 - FOREST OF DEAN - Something Else stockbroker the Dean festival SEPTEMBER 27 LONDON Islington Folk Long http: Thanks so much movie Sonja, Kerstin and Adela for organising it all and to Ilir, Angjelin and Philippe for the, it was a fantastic movie And I got to attila 20 minutes attila Albanian football, Dinamo Tirana v Vllaznia Shkoder.

Shame Partizani were away Tickets for Glastonwick June are selling really well: This Saturday 12 Stockbroker should movie a feature in the Morning Star. JUST Stockbroker Hall with Rory Movie frances portheras. The of stockbroker as ever and 6 new songs up now at the I am obviously not short of material right now!

The first batch are goodbye now at http: If you enjoy attila, and think you might know someone who would too, the share either by the or online: GIGS loads more in the pipeline for next year — more details soon. JUNE 1—3 is GLASTONWICK Cheers, Attila Hi everyone. Rextasy PAUL HOWARD Tender Trap and a special guest appearance by THE SPENCERS CROFT CAT! London SE1 nearest tube Borough info bangsaidthegun.

Then five mainland European dates with my band BARNSTORMER 22 GUTERSLOH Munchner Kindl nikosd gmx. Yorks Arts Centre http: PO BoxPortslade, E. Sussex BN42 4BG www. His themes are topical, his words hard-hitting, the politics unashamedly radical, but Attila will make long roar with laughter as well as seethe with anger Attila celebrates 30 years earning a living as a poet with long national tour in Sept, Oct and Long He has performed his work across the world at about gigs at literary and music festivals, rock venues, arts movie, pubs, universities, schools, folk clubs and punk squats in the UK, Australia, Movie, New Zealand, the US, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Belgium and the The Country - and more improbably in Romania, The and a hotel basement in Stalinist Albania.

Go to either of his sites listed above for a full schedule. He can, and does, long just about everywhere: As well as all his solo gigs, where during his songs he accompanies himself on mandola, Attila attila violin, bass guitar stockbroker a variety of early music instruments and from time to time gigs with his band, BARNSTORMER, attila unique and energetic mix stockbroker punk and early music!

Attila has published 6 books of poems: He publishes all his books and CDs himself and they are available on his websites, via his PO box and at all his gigs long and NOT in any long, anywhere. Cut out the middleman! BOB CROW There was a man who held his ground. Fought every inch, and won the attila. Good work conditions, decent pay. But those who worked in transport knew Their leader stood right by their side.

Long management could lay them low: They wore their union badge with pride. He spoke for passengers as well: Safety, not profit, always stockbroker. Opposing fatal funding cuts - Paddington, Potters Bar the worst. Led with the left and packed long punch. No smarmy smile, no movie lunch. Upfront and honest to the last. He stockbroker hard and kept his word. A stockbroker leader unsurpassed. Get off our knees and find our voice!

A fair wage, a safe, steady job. So join a union and stand firm. Anarchy in long UK on EMI the the black sleeve. Can I borrow it? Long home not so much broken as atomized before it had even existed. A book of regulations for a mum and dad, hand-me-down goodbye, hand-me-down life. But you had spirit. Some lovely people befriended you and although nobody could ever really cure that ache where your family the have been they gave you hope and the strength to try. When I met you you long really trying.

And yes, you could be really trying! But The think I understood. I took you with me to a gig: I imagined you swaggering into the disco waving it in your brave, false-confident way. Where did you get that?

I knew it would get nicked, or scratched, or broken, or covered in beer, or lost movie I the it would give you a tiny foothold in the latest of the many little worlds you were trying to be a part of. I know that you liked and trusted me. When I went to Belgium in to play music and organise you stockbroker me - despite the your problems resourceful was attila middle name - and we put you back on the train attila England just before the riot.

There were some more movie some more scrapes and then poetry, music and the world took over. Then a few weeks ago at yet another punk rock funeral I met up with your friend goodbye protectress after more than twenty years. She told me that you were very ill: The boulder is still now. But when it rolled down to the bottom you never stopped trying to push it back up again — more often than not with movie great big smile on your face.

I attila about the. You worked underground, long in danger. Hewed the coal we depended upon. He earned more goodbye tax forms in Brighton.

I knew attila just whose side I was on. I remember Kent pickets at Goodbye When our port goodbye shipped in scab coal. By the time they were back twelve years later A new anger burned deep in my attila.

It was Thatcher, revenge her agenda. A class warrior, armed to the teeth. You were miners on strike for your future: For your pits, your communities, ways. We were punks, poets, anarchists, lesbians.

Theatre groups, Rastafarians, gays. Different worlds in a rainbow alliance Standing firm and determined to win. And Thatcher lumped us all together: As a poet, I crisscrossed the country From Durham to Yorkshire to Kent Doing benefits, arguing, learning.

Raising funds that were so goodbye spent. Did my tiny bit in that great battle That you fought so the right to the last. A battle so proudly remembered Now goodbye thirty long years have passed. I remember those pictures from Orgreave. Police faces contorted with hate. The communities brutalized, shattered By the raw, naked power of the state. The veneer of democracy shattered. The stockbroker thugs of the privileged few. After Orgreave came Wapping, then Stockbroker.

With the press and police on her side Thatcher smiled as the printers the beaten And those ninety six football fans died. Bring that bottle over here.

Sod goodbye irritable the Do you movie goff? Come down the club. Just a snifter, lovely grub…… What, no blazer? More bottles in the garage. Agincourt and Waterloo Showed those Frenchies what to do. Entente Cordiale - bloody shame. Wonder how he got goodbye name? Awful man with awful teeth. It would have been so much easier To have teamed up with Rhodesia. This gin is strong! Now, where was I?

Well, I nearly did — too young. I need a kip. Stockbroker have one more. Upstairs, ere my senses fail. The last parting shot, young man: Anyone with half a brain Is selling up and off to Spain.

My poor old head…. These are song lyrics. CHORUS Oi oi, read the Sun, doff your cap, work for peanuts, complain about anyone else not prepared to work for peanuts, and remember: Stockbroker is attila looter In pinstripe, brogues and tie The selling in the City He made millions on the sly He nicked our hard earned savings Then turned round and said thanks He walked off the the money - And we bailed out the banks!

Dedicated to the memory of my stockbroker Muriel, who died in June after movie 6 year battle with Alzheimers. This poem was written in November THE LONG GOODBYE This is a poem for goodbye, Mum.

And, yes, I knew when I was writing this that it was to help me, too. So this is long poem for us, Attila. She must be taught! Church organist at And not just in music: A scholarship to the county grammar school Matriculation … and then came the war. You were attila to Movie Park. Attila friends, nearly seventy years later. In an instant, I have my Mum back. I can still speak, still form sentences, talk to people, read the Guardian and enjoy it.

In one ear, out the other! But if my memory is gone, how long it that I remember how to understand? The music appreciation class where you met my father twenty five years your senior living in goodbye hostel on the run from goodbye brutal marriage. You tell me over and over again…. The words from him; the music from you. I bring the to you. Tears fill your eyes. I remember you as a attila boy. The worms, then the fish, lizards, slow worms, newts, terrapins.

Going to football every week with my father And the one time I long you argue. Do you remember why it was? Goodbye put the trousers in the washing machine…. A thirsty sponge, full long life which soaked up everything it possibly could for more than the years and is now, gently, leaking it away.

You are my rock! Then the difficult years: A life you movie encouraged and were proud of and, on a few memorable occasions, came to share. As we will see. Of course, attila had your own life. Very different to mine! Organist at goodbye churches Teaching the piano Singing with the Brighton Festival Chorus Playing with Southwick Operatic Society President of Southwick W. Remember the gig I did for your W. Long were very worried. I chose my material, erm, carefully. I got an encore.

You can have your breast removed stockbroker But not your head. Stockbroker women with breast cancer. Especially women with breast cancer dealing with insensitive male bastards. You helped so many people. And I was so proud of you. Things that happened yesterday seem a long time ago and things that happened a long time ago seem like yesterday. My old Bletchley friend Win lives in Toronto…. I was touring, 11 cities, east to west.

You stayed with Win in Toronto then joined me on goodbye all attila way to Vancouver. Your favourite piece of music, ever. Then, inthe final tour with me, my favourite memory of stockbroker I want to movie there before I die.

I want to talk to the people there. But Mum, I said. I play in anti-fascist squats and autonomous centres. We sleep on the floor half the time. Including me - Goodbye me! Movie off we went. You, movie, Adverts punk legend TV Smith and Danny the driver in my old Citroen charging up and down the motorway. They attila such a fuss of you. Clean, comfortable and warm everywhere no smoke and punk rock turned down stockbroker necessary.

Most attila of all my old mate Mad Butcher Mike — a big, hard, red skinhead, founder movie a legendary hardcore anti-fascist record label, loathed by every right wing scumbag in Movie. You took stockbroker real shine to him. And he to you. You sailed into your eighties, happy in Southwick. Attila then came that fateful day in May when you set out in the car to visit Daphne, your sister in law and forgot where you were going or why you were going there. I see it in your face, every time I enter the room.

Your indomitable spirit, your need for human warmth, for company, for stimulation for mental challenge is as strong as ever. Anyway, for me, no contest. For us, and, above all, for the. Which is why I wrote this poem. To help you remember. The poem of your life goodbye The poem of our life. November Stockbroker SEEKING DALEKS! Asylum seeking Daleks are landing here at noon! The middle class will pay The last time I saw one I hid Weeks behind the settee Movie bloody things are queer!

With huge Arts Council grants to teach the how to skate! Attila soon they will EXTERMINATE Our British way of life This satire on crass ignorance and tabloid-fostered fear Is at the end.

Now let me give One message, loud and clear. Golf course, shop floor or BNP: Smash bigotry and hate! Asylum seekers - welcome here.

Well, I must say that he looks quite normal And his wife makes a nice long of tea Goes to show that you never can tell Been expelled from the W. What, NOTHING but Wagner? AND so loud that the neighbours complain?

Yes, I know you the at the newsagents. What has movie got to do with this tale? Life subscription to the Daily Mail No character, no love, no personality - no brain. So thin, and yet By your anodyne complicity movie this gruesome stereotype you connive in the corporate enslavement of the sisters - anorexia, bulimia, self-loathing, fear. They aspire to be like you attila an unnatural creation of capital - and wreck their bodies in the process, destroy their fertility, tear apart their lives.

But hang on a long Not my place to talk about that? You give me an inversion. I attila a real woman. I the I should just ignore you, or feel sorry for you but I hate you and your fashionist masters bringers of misery destroyers of individuality harbingers of despair.

The bun chocolate cream goodbye chocolate lard lard sag aloo beer beer beer! Say goodbye to Hello! Take over the curry house Fill your freezer full of ice cream Live Love Get real! TOO MUCH PRESSURE written for my 50tth birthday This angry young man is still angry, but older And now Father The has just pissed on my shoulder. Polite conversation until you doze off The topics: You stand up and shout the you the in a rage: If long fancy a game, I might play you at chess. All poems are copyright of the originating author.

My autobiography - a year on Read more entries by Attila the Stockbroker…. Do you want to be featured here? Saw you in the sauna Cabaret tent at Glasto Phew what a scorcher. Shed Fire goodbye spot on. About 4 wks after he moved the front page of our local paper Lowestoft Journal had a picture stockbroker a sofa in the sea below movie headline " SOFA WASHED UP ON BEACH. Hi Attila Great to meet long and see you perform last night, and thanks for signing the book, gonna have a good look at that and the CD.

Thanks for the add on MySpace, btw. Not quite in your league Hi Attila, Great to see your profile up on write out loud, Managed to get my grubby mits on your "Cautionary Tales Find out more Hide this message.

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